Thursday, February 12, 2009

We have gone PRIVATE...

Sorry about the sudden change.
Creepy Creeperson from Colorado was on here all day yesterday, and logged on this morning.

Note the change of address
and please change it on your sites:

If I have your email address, or you left it for me in the comments section, or on facebook you will be getting an invite in the next 24 hours.

If I don't have your email, no worries.
Just leave it here in the comments section on HERE and I will send you an invite shortly.

Thanks for putting up with this, blame it on CREEPY.


  1. Hey Allie, I wasn't sure if you had the email address I use for my blog. It's I want to still be able to view your blog. Sorry about the person who was being "CREEPY." I hope that doesn't happen to us. Otherwise I'll have to go private, too.

  2. I of course want to be invited to view....will you use my gmail account? I think you have it if not lmk

  3. You have my email. Invite me for sure. I already have your new blog on my bloglist. Sorry about Creepy Creeperson. He can keep his creeps to himself now!

  4. I would love an invite since I sort of just came across your blog anyway :)

  5. I hope this helps Allie. I would be totally freaked out if I were you!

  6. don't forget about me. I love to see how your family is doing. Sorry about this whole mess with that person.

  7. Nothing freaks me out more than thinking about some creep looking at my kids on the internet. I totally understand. Please invite me: Thanks.